20 Temmuz 2010 Salı

Perfectionist? Not good..

Nice to wait almost a year when I read my favorite blogs and envy everyday. I never remember that you cannot get anything perfect without practice, you need to spend time and energy, make mistakes along the way. Even with a simple thing I think think and think if I can get it perfect and then end up not doing it. How about having fun? Enjoying what you do? Things can't be perfect all the time. And no one will laugh at you for not doing things perfectly, even if they do why do you care? This is supposed to be my space and I am worrying about nonexisting followers! Done waiting and onto work! Done letting life slip by while I only think about the things I wish to do, but never get them done. It is never too late to learn right? I will learn! And I will practice until I do! Done waiting for unfinished projects, untaken photos, approval of others. Wow I feel so much better!